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Hi, I'm Luca and I am the manager of the Global Developer Ecosystem and Developer Communities at BlackBerry. Geek, early adopter, italian, twitter addict. I love gadgets, playing piano and taekwondo.

I work everywhere and I am on a plane very often.

Nice to meet you. Whenever I want to post long tweets, I write here :-)


Using WhatsApp? Here is Why You Should Switch to BBM now

Lots of my friends use WhatsApp. They ask me to contact them on WhatsApp, send them photos on WhatsApp, organise meetings on WhatsApp.

Then I tell them: do you mind if I share your mobile phone number on Facebook or Twitter? So everyone can get in touch with you more easily! At that point, they say “hey, wait, no, I don’t want to share my phone number!”.

Here is the point. SECURITY. With BBM, you share your PIN only and you don’t have to share your mobile phone number where everyone can call you at any time.

With BBM, you know for sure when your contact read your message. On WhatsApp, you can’t.

On BBM, you have cloud-based contacts, you can have a group calendar or group photo album, you can have voice and video calls, you can have multiple-chats per group, you can have… a lot of great features.

On WhatsApp, you can’t. 

Switch now, get BBM:

bbm blackberry videochat voicechat messaging chat mobile

Link: Flappy Paperfly 3D - BlackBerry World

This is soooo cool! Great job :-)

flappy game blackberry

Five reasons why you should bring your Android app to BlackBerry

Android developer? Struggling to make some money on Google Play?

Ok, you are in the right place, since I am going to give you five reasons why you should bring your app to BlackBerry 10.

1) It’s easy (3 minutes?)

2) Your app will likely work much better on BlackBerry 10 than on many other high-end Android devices

3) You will meet new users who (YES!) are willing to pay for your app

4) You will get WAY MORE visibility on BlackBerry World

5) last but not least… you will have the chance to meet the awesome Developer Relations Team in BlackBerry… cool right?

Where to start? Here:

blackberry android apps

New life to this blog

Once upon a time, was my main blog (started in 2005), based on Wordpress. Then that became and I didn’t have time to take care of that anymore.

Now, I pointed my old domain to this Tumblr blog I have been using now and then for “long tweets”, with the purpose to give new life to

I am going to talk about my passions and… BlackBerry of course :-)


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A Personal Update

Today I would like to give you a quick update about…me :-) 

People familiar with my activities and who have been in touch with me for a while now, know me mostly as a “startupper”, in particular involved  with Twimbow, the company I co-founded, or Abbeynet, the company from which Twimbow was spun off and that I served for the past 12 years.

Today I would like to share with you an important news related to my new adventure: starting July 2nd (next monday), I am joining Research In Motion in the Developer Relations team as BlackBerry Developer Evangelist for the italian market. 

To be honest, this is a news for me, too, quite unexpected, everything happened very quickly. There are a couple of reasons behind this choice, first and foremost the great challenges RIM has been facing in the past months and the incredible effort they are putting to change the skin of the company completely before the launch of their new smartphone based on BlackBerry 10 OS. 

For this reason, I am very proud to have been chosen for this important role. RIM is creating an outstanding Developer Relations team around the world, headed by VP Alec Saunders, dedicated to help developers bring their great apps to the new upcoming operating system.

BlackBerry 10 is gonna be an incredible revolution for the smartphone market, a truly open platform, capable of running Android apps natively and also the platform that is easiest in terms of porting and developing mobile apps. Moreover, it’s the only truly multi-tasking mobile OS, open to possibilities that could have been never imagined before, with outstanding performances.

Looking forward to next Monday, ready to do my best for the success of RIM.

For any question, just drop me a line ;-)

RIM personal update